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ZiLink is available from the Moodle Plugins Directory. Be sure to download and install the complete set of plugins because they interact with each other and any missing components may cause an issue. Download ZiLink.

ZiLink Community Users

If you have downloaded and installed ZiLink into your Moodle and purchased a license for ZiNET Connect (our data extraction tool), you are a ZiLink Community User. Use the search facility to explore the Community Forum and extensive Knowledge Base to find the answer you need.

You may raise a support ticket for only issues relating ZiNET Connect.
NB. Issues relating to ZiLink will only be supported through the Community Forum.

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Knowledge Base

ZiLink: Getting Started


Getting Help

ZiNET Connect Download

ZiNET Connect Installation

ZiLink: Initial setting up

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Configuring Timetable and Room Booking

Planning ahead

ZiLink: Next Steps


ZiLink Blocks

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ZiLink: Data Manager

ZiLink: Guardian View

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ZiLink: Guardian Scheduler

ZiLink: Class View

ZiLink: Student View

ZiLink: Reports

ZiLink: Tools

ZiLink: Miscellaneous

ZiLink: Q & A

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Appendix: MIS Configurations

ZiLink: Parent Guide

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Guardian View

Guardian Scheduler

ZiLink: Teacher Guide

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Room Booking

Homework Management

Guardian View

Class View

Guardian Scheduler

ZiLink Demonstration




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