I've downloaded ZiLink - what's next?

Integrate data from your school MIS with ZiNET Connect

For ZiLink to be fully operational you will need data from your school/academy Management Information System (MIS) through ZiNET Connect which is available from SchoolsICT Limited. Call us (0330 223 1050) or e-mail sales@schoolsict.net and we can answer any questions and guide your choice of subscription. For information about our Subscription Plans and what's included visit http://www.zilink.co.uk/subscriptions.

What is ZiNET Connect?

ZiNET Connect is an application with a small footprint that is installed as a service on your school/academy MIS server. It's job is to extract data and send it securely to your Moodle. ZiNET Connect is updated periodically 'behind the scenes' automatically to ensure its smooth running. Without ZiNET Connect, ZiLink will not be able to operate - it needs the data from your school/academy MIS.

We are partners of Capita, Technical Partners with Advanced Learning and a Bromcom Partner. When we add a new MIS we do so as partners so that we have direct access to the knowledge required to create an appropriate integration.

Currently, ZiNET Connect will work with SIMS.Net, Facility and Bromcom Online. We're also adding MIS support for other MIS such as Progresso, Integris, iSAMS, etc..

How to subscribe?

We help you choose an appropriate license term and payment plan to suit your school or academy.

When we receive an official purchase order number we will give you access to our extensive Knowledge Base so that you can plan your implementation and rollout of ZiLink. We will also send an invoice. Not sure how ZiLink will enhance your Moodle? Visit http://www.zilink.co.uk for more information.

We will notify you when we receive payment and give you further access to our support site and the download for ZiNET Connect. Our Knowledge Base contains full details about how to install and configure ZiNET Connect - it's really simple. The combination of comprehensive information about how to configure ZiLink and our e-mail support we see you up-and-running quickly.

The key to success!

ZiLink is a full-featured product that will enhance your Moodle. It is specifically designed to support the needs of UK schools and academies. Plan your implementation carefully and give plenty of time for configuration and training of administrators, teachers, students and parents. You are not alone so make use of our extensive experience and knowledge, ask questions and advice - we're always happy to help.

Planning is definitely the key to success!

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