HowTo: Check for ZiNET Connect Updates

Please Note: The update process will interrupt any tasks currently running and the tasks will not be re-run until the next scheduled time.

ZiNET Connect will automatically check for updates on a regular basis, If you wish to manually check for updates ZiNET Connect supports two methods.

Via ZiNET Console

Via ZiNET Console

Run ZiNET Console from the desktop shortcut or by click the Windows 'Start' menu -> 'All Programs' -> 'ZiNET' -> 'ZiNET Console'

Select the Pulse service from the connection list and click Connect Or Click the Setup Button.

Click Check For Updates.

ZiNET Pulse will then check for updates.

Via ZiNET Connect Console

  1. Log in to Windows as the same user that was used to install ZiNET Connect with the Windows Installer.
  2. Stop all Running ZiNET Connect instances running under Windows Services.
  3. Start the ZiNET Connect Updater by click the Windows 'Start' menu -> 'All Programs' -> 'ZiNET' -> 'ZiNET Connect Updater. If no update is available, there will be a message saying that there is no update available.
  4. Click Update. The Updater will search for an update and if available will display a notice about the update.

The update will be installed.

All done!

All done!

If the update is successful, click 'Finish'.

If the update was unsuccessful the update process will roll-back to your current version of the software. In that event please e-mail and request assistance.

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