HowTo: Add A ZiLink 'Super' Block

ZiLink contains a number of Moodle Blocks contained in a 'ZiLink - Super Block'. Most of the blocks that are available and supported by ZiLink will require you to add a 'ZiLink - Super Block' first and then configure that block for the block you need.

This Guide demonstrates how to add a 'ZiLink - Super Block'. Other Guides will demonstrate how to configure individual ZiLink Blocks after the 'ZiLink - Super Block' has been added.

Enable Page Editing

Enable Page Editing

Click on Customise this page to enable editing

Add ZiLink -Super Block

Add ZiLink -Super Block

Select ZiLink - Super Block from the drop down list

Use another Guide to show you how to configure the block you need.

For example, if you want to use the 'PaperCut' block refer to the Guide 'HowTo: Configure PaperCut'.

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