Information: Account Matching

Matching school/academy MIS records with existing Moodle user accounts is fundamental to how ZiLink manages the data it receives from the ZiNET Connect integration with your MIS.

Occasionally, matching does not occur when unprintable or hidden characters are within the data.

This report tests all potential matching records to ensure that printable characters are used in AD or the school MIS in the 'Firstname' and 'Lastname' fields. If there unprintable or hidden characters are present, then records cannot be matched and the data needs to be cleansed.

Using the report

Using the report

Navigate to ZiLink > Reports > Account Matching.

The report

The report

In this example. the 'Lastname' field has failed. The remedy is to check the data source for that field and that user, identify and rectify the issue.

Run the report again to test that the resolution was successful.

If the data is 'clean', go to ZiLink > Account Synchronisation > Unmatched to attempt the matching process again. More information is in the Getting Started Manual at ZiLink: Account Matching.

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