HowTo: Effective Date

There are occasions when you may want to change the 'Effective Date'. For example, if you were configuring ZiLink during the summer break you would have no data to use because the timetable would not be available. By changing the 'Effective Date' to a date during a previous term, you will see data.

Go to

Go to

Navigate to Site administration > ZiLink > Tools > Effective date.

Set an Effective Date

Set an Effective Date

Choose an appropriate date and click the 'Enable' checkbox.

Click 'Save changes' to save the new date.

When you have finished, return and untick the 'Enable' checkbox.

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    Jed Marshall

    Hello Jeremy,

    I cant see the 'effective date' option under tools... i can only see 'Current Date' (please see screenshot below)

    Has it moved or have i configured something wrong?

    Thank you!

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