How to: Configure SIMS.Net Assessment Manager - Part 1: Creating Marksheet Templates

This sequence will cover creating Marksheet templates with the required naming convention.

Login to

Click on New

Go to Focus ->Assessment and click on Template

Go to Focus ->Assessment and click on Template

Naming convention

The template name naming convention is

  • ZiLink::Subject::Type,


  • ZiLink = ZiLink and must not be changed.
  • Subject = The category name used for the subject in Moodle.
  • Type = Can be one of Attainment, Predicted or Targets.

Add all the aspects relating to the Subject and Type for all the associated result sets.

For example add the aspect that contains English Attainment for the Results Sets, Year 7 Term 1, Year 7 Term 2, Year 7 Term 3 … Year 9 Term 1 etc

Click Save

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