We've got some new users and we need to give them access to Moodle.

The following solution applies if you are using the LDAP plugin for Moodle and you are a Moodle Administrator.

Your new user needs to have an AD account. You can then ask them to login to Moodle which will create a Moodle user account for them or, alternatively, run LDAP Sync. (For more information on LDAP Sync)

When the Moodle user account has been created, go to System administration > ZiLink > Account Synchronisation.

In the 'Unmatched' option view the list of students and you should see the name of the new user(s) on the left (this information is from the school MIS). The information from the school MIS will be the name, House, Year, Registration Group.

In the final 'Account Matched Against' column you will see one of three messages:

  • the username of the Moodle user account that the user is being matched against, or
  • a choice of Moodle user accounts the user could be matched against - select the correct account from the drop-down list, or
  • the message 'No matches available'.

Click 'Save changes' at the bottom of the page. If no 'Save changes' button available, don't worry just continue to another page and the user(s) will be enrolled in their courses.

There are two reasons why the message 'No matches available' can appear. They are either:

  • There is no Moodle user account created, or
  • the first and last names are different in Active Directory and the school MIS. In this case ensure the Moodle user profile first and last names match the school MIS first and last names, run ZiLink Account Synchronisation again and make the match. if you need to change the first and last names in Moodle afterwards you can do so without destroying the link.

After the next ZiLink Service has run (usually overnight), you will see the courses that the user has been enrolled into in their Moodle user profile.

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