Student or Staff user in Moodle does not have any courses

If a student/staff user in Moodle does not have any courses listed in their course list.

Check the User Profile

Login as a Moodle Administrator and check that the Moodle User Profile is complete. All the required fields in the Profile must be completed and the profile saved.

Also check that each of the required fields has the correct information. For example, the name fields must contain full names not just initials.


Has the Moodle User Account been matched with the school MIS record?

ZiLink has a process by which it will match the school MIS record with a corresponding Moodle User Account. If this process is not completed then the Moodle User will not have access to their courses in Moodle because ZiLink and Moodle will not 'recognise' how to enrol them.

Login as a Moodle Administrator and go to System administration > Plugins > Enrolments > ZiLink Account Synchronisation.

Initially there will be a list of unmatched student records. Each will have a message alongside each record as follows:

  • No matches available - this suggests that there is no Moodle User Record that will match by first name and surname. If you have a Moodle User Record for this user ensure that the first name and surname in the school MIS record match the first name and surname in the Moodle User Record. If they don't, edit the Moodle User Record and go back to ZiLink Account Synchronisation to see if a match has occured;
  • This record will be matched with '' - there is no action to be taken;
  • Drop-down box with potential matches - If there are potential matches, select the correct Moodle User Account to go with the school MIS record.

If there are any changes to be saved, a 'Save changes' button will be at the bottom of the screen.

If there are no changes to be saved there will be no button - there is no action to take, just go to another page.


Matches have been made - what next?

Now that ZiLink Account Synchronisation has been completed, ZiLink will enrol users into their courses either before or at the next synchronisation.

After the next synchronisation go to the Moodle User profile to check and see if there are courses listed.

If there are courses listed, the process has satisfactorily completed.

If there are still no courses, please e-mail or submit a ticket from this site with the following information:

  • Describe the issue;
  • Moodle user first name and surname;
  • Two examples of courses expected to be listed.
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