Information: Displaying subject data to parents

Displaying subject data to parents successfully requires a number of stages to be completed. The following provides general guidance of the steps that need to be taken.

Overall concept

The data has to be made available in your school/academy MIS so that ZiLink knows where to extract the data from using ZiNET Connect. Once ZiNET Connect has brought the data across, Moodle has to be configured to display the data. Part of that configuration is associated with Moodle and part with ZiLink. All needs to be complete in order for data to appear in Guardian View.

Step One: Configure your school/academy MIS to export data

Different school/academy MIS supported by ZiNET Connect and ZiLink have different configurations and requirements. ZiNET Connect currently supports data extractions from SIMS.NET, Facility and Bromcom Online. Each will vary in the comprehensiveness of the data available for extraction.


Marksheets have to be created in SIMS.Net specifically for ZiLink so that ZiLink knows where to collect data from. Information about how to do this is in the following articles:

How to: Configure SIMS.Net Assessment Manager - Part 1: Creating Marksheet Templates

How to: Configure SIMS.Net Assessment Manager - Part 2: Assigning Assessment Categories

Advanced learning's Facility

Please contact for advice.

Bromcom Online

Please contact for advice.


Step Two: Moodle Permissions

Log into your Moodle site as an Administrator.

Navigate to Site administration > Users > Permissions > Define roles

There are two roles.

  1. ZiLink - Guardians
  2. ZiLink - Restricted Guardians

Both roles can be used. Usually, the main role is 'ZiLink - Guardians' and you will set appropriate permissions for normal access. The other role can be used where you wish to restrict access further to particular parents or guardians.

Click 'Edit' for the appropriate role and search for 'guardian_view' (usually Ctrl+F) for your browser.

Choose 'Allow' for those tabs and panels you want your parents to be able to see. Be aware that you cannot 'Allow' a Panel without the appropriate tab being 'Allowed'. For example, for parents to see the Attendance Panel you will also need to 'Allow' the 'Overview' tab.

Step Three: Allow subjects

Step Three: Allow subjects

Navigate to Site administration > ZiLink > Guardian > View > Interface > General and tick those subjects that you want parents to see in Guardian View. Click 'Save changes'.

Step Four: An important check

For a subject to be displayed the category and the course for that subject needs to be visible.

Data not being displayed?

Firstly, check that the above steps have been correctly completed.

Secondly, check that the ZiNET Connect service is running and that you have initiated a 'Full data sync' or at least 'Synchronise Student Assessments' for the data you need.

If all seems correct and there is still an issue, are there any warnings in your ZiNET Console? If there are, please export the log and send to together with a full description of the issue. Don't forget to refer to the 'How to ask for help' article in the 'ZiLink: Getting Started' Manual so you can provide all the information we need to investigate.

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