Information: Roll-over for a new academic year (SIMS.Net)


ZiLink creates cohorts based upon current teaching group information. For example, if there is a teaching group with the code 7a/IT then ZiLink will create a cohort called 7a/IT and it will add the students of teaching group 7a/IT to the cohort.

It will also, if so configured, enrol the cohort into the appropriate course called 7a/IT.

Alternatively, you can enrol a ZiLink cohort into a course.

It is important to realise that a cohort in Moodle is just a ‘container’ that has student members.

What happens when SIMS.Net is promoted?

When SIMS.Net is promoted the membership of the existing teaching group 7a/IT will change. The old students will be removed and new students added.

The cohort (container) is still enrolled with whatever Moodle course it was enrolled with previously so ZiLink will change the student membership of the cohort the new members will have access to the course.

If your SIMS.Net Timetabler has created new teaching group codes for example, for a new subject, then ZiLink will recognise the new code and create a cohort and add the members of the new teach group to the cohort.

What do I need to do?

1. New students need Moodle accounts and matching using ZiLink Account Synchronisation.

2. After promotion, enrol any new cohorts into their courses.

ZiLink Account Synchronisation

New students will need a Moodle User Account which can be created using Moodle tools. The most common used is LDAP Sync which, with appropriate settings, will create a Moodle User Account and profile when the user logs into Moodle for the first time. Alternatively, to create a block of new accounts you can use the LDAP Sync script. Full information about this feature is at (Moodle version 2.5).

Assuming Moodle accounts are created you will need to match the new SIMS records with the existing Moodle User Accounts using ZiLink Account Synchronisation found at Site administration > ZiLink > ZiLink Account Synchronisation.

ZiLink will attempt to match SIMS records with Moodle User Accounts using the first and last names of the individual. It will display one of three messages:

‘No matches available’ - A Moodle User Account needs to be created.

Drop-down box of different user accounts - Select the correct Moodle user account to go with that SIMS record.

‘This account has been matched with this Moodle user (username)’ - No action necessary.

When all actions are complete click the ‘Save changes’ button at the bottom of the page. If no button exists just navigate to another page – all actions required will be completed ‘behind the scenes’.

Cohort enrolment

Your existing ZiLink Cohorts remain enrolled into their courses. You can manually remove a cohort enrolment as well as manually enrolling ZiLink Cohorts into new or pre-existing manually created courses.

By leaving the existing ZiLink Cohort enrolment, student membership will be managed by ZiLink based upon information within SIMS.Net or Facility.

New ZiLink Cohorts based upon new teaching group codes will be created automatically and depending upon your configuration a new course will also be created and the cohort enrolled.

New ZiLink Cohorts can also be enrolled into existing courses in the normal way.

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