HowTo: Course Management

This HowTo covers configuring the ZiLink auto course creation. You do not have to but if you configure ZiLink, it will automatically create courses in Moodle based on the information it receives from your school or academy MIS.

HowTo: Locating the ZiLink menu in Moodle

Please refer to the HowTo: Locating the ZiLink menu in Moodle which covers logging into moodle and locating the ZiLink section.

Courses Plugin

Courses Plugin

Click Auto Create under ZiLink -> Courses

Select the Course Template - if you haven't already done so, create a course template and save it in the 'Miscellaneous' category. A course template is a course that ZiLink will use to create courses automatically. So you might create a course with the topics format, five topics and save it with a distinctive name such as 'ZiLink Template'. Don't forget to save it or move it into the 'Miscellaneous' category.

Select Create Year Courses if you are want to create Subject and Year based courses.

Select Create Class Courses if you are want to have a course based on the class code within a sub-category called 'Classes' in the Year sub-category.

Select Sort Courses if you what ZiLink to create courses alphabetically in ascending order.

Click Save Changes

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