HowTo: Use Moodle Permissions to configure ZiLink

ZiLink uses Moodle permissions to configure the experience of different roles within Moodle.

For example, if you wish your teachers to access ZiLink Room Booking so they can book rooms then you will need to allow that permission in the Teacher role within Moodle.

If you are not already familiar with Moodle permissions and how they effect a user, please check and select the correct documentation for your version of Moodle.

Where do I find Moodle permissions?

Go to Site administration > Users > Permissions. If you want to adjust a permission then click 'Define Roles' and find the role you wish to change such as 'Teacher'. To right of the role, click the 'Edit' icon and find the permission you wish to change.

How do I find the permission I need?

All permissions associated with ZiLink have 'obvious' names. For example, permissions associated with the timetable will include the word 'timetable' in the name of the permission. Use the Find command (Ctrl+F) and type 'timetable' or other word you want to look for and search for that word on the page.

How do I know if a ZiLink block or feature needs a permission?

Normally, we will try and include that information in our evolving documentation but if it is not included and a feature does not work as expected then check the permissions that have been granted for that user role.

If you do notice that permissions have not been included in something specific and they should be, just let us know and we'll update the documentation.

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