Service Level Agreement

Scope of Support

SchoolsICT Limited will provide the following standard support service described below and is included within the license fee.

Please note: A standard support service does not include telephone support unless initiated by SchoolsICT Limited. This standard support service is included within the fee charged.

A telephone support service is available at an additional charge. Please contact SchoolsICT Limited for details.

Plugins marked with 'Beta' or 'Release Candidate' status in the versions list at your Moodle site, Site administration > ZiLink > Versions or so marked on the plugin configuration page are not subject to this Service Level Agreement (SLA) and fall outside of this scope. For further information about 'Beta' and 'Release Candidate' status please see Plugin Status.

The standard support service is further limited in scope by the license/subscription you have purchased. For example, if you purchased ZiNET Connect, then the scope of the SLA is limited to ZiNET Connect and does not include ZiLink.


The following purchased products or services will be supported by this Service Level Agreement(SLA). For example, if you have purchased ZiLink, that product will be supported but not other Moodle requirements.

  • Moodle Support - scope is agreed prior to commencement of Moodle Support but will not include support for a web server, its operating system or software such as Apache, PHP, MySQL, etc.. It will include resolution of issues directly related to Moodle but not those related to plugins or code within Moodle that is supported by Moodle or its community members.
  • ZiLink - SchoolsICT Limited will provide support for the ZiLink Service and standard ZiLink blocks supplied by SchoolsICT Limited. Modifications to the ZiLink blocks by persons other than SchoolsICT Limited will render the ZiLink blocks outside of the scope of this support.
  • ZiNET Connect - SchoolsICT Ltd and ZiNET Data Solutions Ltd will provide support for ZiNET Connect provided a valid license exists.

How a support request is processed

Support is available from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm GMT/BST, Monday to Friday excluding English Bank Holidays and other holidays announced on the support site.

Support requests can be e-mailed to or tickets created at 24 hours a day.

All support requests are queued for assessment. They will be assessed to determine the extent of information provided. Further information may be required to properly evaluate the request. For guidance please see the article ‘How to ask for help’. During this assessment period all tickets will be allocated a ‘Low’ Priority.

When all information has been received and evaluated, the request is allocated a Priority Level based upon the Impact and Severity criteria below. Allocation of priority Levels is at the sole discretion of SchoolsICT Limited.

Monitoring Support

To monitor progress of tickets please login to the support site using your username and password. Identify the open ticket(s) and any additional information will be available. If no additional information is available, the ticket is being progressed which will include information gathering, issue research, creation of updates and fixes, etc.. Resolution and requirements for additional information will be included within the ticket progress.

Support Call Escalation

In the event any critical or serious support calls remaining unresolved after the appropriate time period, an investigation will be initiated to create a resolution plan to be forwarded to the customer.


Should site attendance be required by the customer, SchoolsICT may charge a discretionary fee (maximum cost would be at our daily rate, currently £800 plus VAT per day) plus reasonable travel expenses and accommodation.

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