HowTo: Synchronising Your Data

Data Synchronisation will normally occur automatically but sometimes you may wish to trigger synchronisation manually.

Automatic data synchronisation

Data between your school MIS and ZiLink will be transported automatically to a pre-determined schedule that is configured within ZiNET Connect.

Manual data synchronisation

Occasionally you may wish to manually synchronise data to, for example, immediately refresh the data in ZiLink following changes in the school MIS.

For manual data synchronisation follow these steps:

1. Run ZiNET Console

1. Run ZiNET Console

ZiNET Console can be run from the link on the desktop or from the start menu.

2. Select Connection

2. Select Connection

Select the row with CAPITA.SIMS and MOODLE and click Connect

3. Open Integration Tasks

Navigate to Application > Tasks > Integrations and the following panel will open.

You can synchronise data by clicking any of the buttons that are enabled. Click the synchronisation you want to complete and ZiNET Connect will undertake that task for you.

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  • Avatar
    Parry, David

    This looks great.
    However, having clicked "Full Synchronise" ....... what should I see to indicate it's
    a] running
    b] completed
    c] completed with/without errors??
    Using remote access it's very easy to over or under-click a button on a server, thus running something twice or not all.

  • Avatar
    Jeremy Meades

    Hi David

    You should see activity on the console window as actions are recorded. You may see Warning and Information messages associated with the data.

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