HowTo: Configure Timetable Week

The Timetable Week block is used where there is a two week timetable and you want to display which timetable week is current.

Add a new ZiLink Super Block to a location in your Moodle site such as the front page. Click configure on the new block and select Timetable Week from the drop-down list.

  1. Add a title for the block.
  2. Select the location for the block to appear - usually this will be 'throughout the site'.
  3. Select the location where the block will appear on this page.

Click 'Save changes'.

Add images

Add images

You can add images to represent Week 1 or A, Week 2 or B and Holiday.

Click 'Add Images'.

Drag-and-drop or upload

Drag-and-drop or upload

Add your images and click 'Save changes'.

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