How do I re-populate empty Moodle Groups that ZiLink created?

Yes, ZiLink will populate your Moodle Groups using the members of a cohort from your school MIS.


The Moodle Groups in a course are empty.


Do this check first

Make a note of the Group codes/names and the numbers of students in each group.

Go to Site administration > Users > Cohorts and search for the corresponding cohorts and make a note of the numbers in the cohort.

For example,

  • Moodle Group 9P/In1 28 students - ZiLink Cohort 9P/In1 28 students
  • Moodle Group 9R/In1 0 students - ZiLink Cohort 9R/In1 27 students
  • Moodle Group 9S/In1 0 students - ZiLink Cohort 9S/In1 25 students

The Moodle Group numbers should be the same as the ZiLink Cohort numbers assuming you have had a recent data transfer.



Navigate to the course and Course administration in the Settings block.

Select Users and click 'Enrolment methods'. Don't just expand the menu, actually click 'Enrolment methods'.

You will see a list of Enrolments.

Delete the ZiLink Cohorts with 0 students.

Now re-enrol the ZiLink Cohorts.

See I want to add a "ZiLink Cohort to an existing course" if you need guidance about how to do that.


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