What's In The 'ZiLink: Next Steps' Knowledge Base

The 'ZiLink: Getting Started' Manual covers those first steps to integration and configuring ZiLink that every school or academy will do.

The 'ZiLink: Next Steps' Manual is more of a 'pick-and-mix' of features that you can use to enhance your Moodle implementation to suit the needs of your school or academy. Some features described in this Manual are exclusive and standalone, e.g. the Icon navigation block while others are dependent on additional features being configured, e.g. Guardian View requires Data Manager. Such dependencies are explained and described in this manual.

The following is a brief description of each Chapter.

ZiLink Blocks

These Blocks are independent of each other and are available from the 'ZiLink - Super Block'.

  • PaperCut;
  • Icon Navigation;
  • Zimbra.

This block is normally dependent upon the integration with the school MIS.

  • Picture.

ZiLink: Data Manager

The Data Manager manages the data from the integration with your school MIS and underpins Guardian View, Class View and Student View.

If you seek to use any of these features, you will need to configure Data Manager.

ZiLink: Guardian View

Guardian View provides access to important information about their child's learning that can include Reports, Attainment, Targets, Progress, Attendance, Behaviour, Home Learning, Gradebook, Timetable, Notifications and General Information.

ZiLink: Guardian Scheduler

Guardian Scheduler enables parents to make appointments with their child's teachers within a specified schedule. For example, a Parents Evening. Teachers can interact and also create appointments within that schedule.

ZiLink: Class View

Class View places important information about a teacher's students and can include Attainment, Targets, Progress, Gradebook.

ZiLink: Student View

Student View enables students to view some of the information that is available to teachers and parents.

ZiLink: Reports

Reports designed to inform administrators.

ZiLink: Tools

Simple Tools or shortcuts that help administrators.

ZiLink: Miscellaneous

Explanations for some ZiLink menu options.

ZiLink: Q & A

Some questions and answers that have been helpful to new administrators in the past.

Appendix: MIS Configurations

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