Enabling parents to view an activity/resource

When parents login they can see information published from SIMS.Net and Moodle within one page for each subject that their child is studying. The purpose is to enable parents to access the work that has been set and support their child.

However, it is the gift of the teacher whether or not a resource or activity is visible for parents.

What the parent sees

What the parent sees

This list will include any activities which have been set and not yet attempted.

  1. This activity has been attempted by the student but has not yet been submitted.
  2. These activities have not been submitted and are now overdue.

How do I make an activity/resource available to parents?

How do I make an activity/resource available to parents?

ZiLink for Moodle works with the Progress block in Moodle so this has to be installed and available. Your Moodle Administrator will do this for you. When it's installed you can access its configuration by navigating to the course and clicking the 'Turn editing on' button just like you would to add a resource or activity.

Then click the 'cog' in the top bar of the block and click 'Configure block' from the drop-down menu.

Section: Monitored Activities/Resources

Section: Monitored Activities/Resources

Each Topic/section in your course will contain resources and activities that you have created. Scroll to the Topic/section containing the resources or activities you want to include as homework and make available to Guardian View for parents.

1. Select 'Yes' if you want this activity/resource visible to parents.

2. Lock it to the deadline selected in the settings of that particular activity/resource.

3. Alternatively, you can select another deadline date.

4. Different activities and resources can be monitored. Because different activities and resources are used differently, what is monitored for each module varies. For example, for assignments, submission can be monitored; quizzes can be monitored on attempt; forums can be monitored for student postings; choice activities can monitored for answering and viewing resources is monitored.


When you have set monitoring on the activities/resources you want visible to parents, click the 'Save changes' button at the bottom of the page.

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