How to use Guardian Scheduler

Guardian Scheduler is used to organise events such as a Parents Evening. Your Moodle Administrator will set up a schedule and if one is available it will appear on your home page.

Navigate to Guardian Scheduler

Navigate to Guardian Scheduler

On your home page there will be a panel similar to this one.

From this link you can view appointments and make appointments within the schedule. Click 'View Appointments' to get started.

Teacher Schedule

Teacher Schedule
  1. This is a list of appointments that parents have booked via Guardian View. Guardian View is their portal containing data about their child(ren) both from the school MIS and Moodle. They can also support their children by being able to access resources and activities that you have allowed. In this example, Neville Ainsworth has made an appointment for 15:00 on 26th September.
  2. If you have more than one teacher in your team you can also see the appointments that have been made for other team members.
  3. This option enables you to make appointments with parents on behalf of your students.
  4. Clicking 'X' cancels the appointment.
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