Introduction to the ZiLink Homework Activity

ZiLink includes a new Moodle Activity called ZiLink Homework.

If your Moodle Administrator has made this activity type available, you will be able to use it to administer homeworks through the usual Moodle interface.

Not only can the Homework Activity be used to create homeworks for your students, it will also be included within your Moodle Gradebook to record progress of your students undertaking a particular Homework.

What is ZiLink Homework?

ZiLink Homework enables you to bring one or more Moodle resources and/or activities together into one single homework so that you can monitor progress of your students in completing that homework. It also makes the homework available to students through their ZiLink Student Report and parents will see the homework in the Homework Tab of Guardian View. More information about what they can see and do is below.

As teacher, it is wise to think about how you you will want to organise your Gradebook, Resources, Activities and Homeworks. We'll look at each in subsequent sections. Remember, this is only advice and you may need to modify this approach to suit your course and/or circumstances. ZiLink Homework provides a great deal of flexibility to allow you to meet your needs.



You may add a significant number of resources and activities to your curse throughout the year and, in particular, it makes sense to organise your Moodle Gradebook so you can easily manage your marking. You can create categories within your Gradebook and you could move activities used within your homeworks into a Homework category for example.

In this example, we have a 'Homework Activities' category and you can see 'Homework: Hyperlinks' which is a ZiLink Homework Activity and an assignment, 'What is a Hyperlink?'.

The assignment as part of the homework activity has been graded at 90.00.

The ZiLink Homework, 'Homework: Hyperlinks' has a 100.00 'grade' which tells me, the Grader, that the student, Alison Ainsworth has completed the Homework. In other words, the ZiLink Homework is 100% complete - the grade for the assignment within the Homework is 90.00.

ZiLink Homework is tightly integrated with Moodle's Completion Activity facility so it's a good idea to check that out if you want to make better use of that facility.

Organising Resources, Activities and Homeworks

Organising Resources, Activities and Homeworks

This just a suggestion - you can organise how you present course resources and activities and move them around in any order you like. ZiLink Homework will fit in with your needs.

  1. This is a topic title.
  2. This is a label to alert the learner's attention that resources/activities in this section of the topic will be used in class.
  3. I have also added a label to identify the homework section of the topic. 'Homework: Hyperlinks' is the title given to the ZiLink Homework activity.
  4. The ZiLink Homework includes a video resource and an assignment 'What is a hyperlink?'

Organisation is the key

With my Gradebook organised and a plan for organising my course's resources and activities I ready to use ZiLink Homework. Remember, you can always re-organise if your plans don't work out for you - you're just moving resources and activities to suit you and your learners.

What students see in their Student Report

What students see in their Student Report

Students can view all the homework activities assigned to them through their own 'Student View' portal within Moodle. The activities are listed under subject headings and include due dates (if set) so that they can plan their homework submissions and allow appropriate amounts of time to complete homeworks.

Also, when they click a homework title, they are taken directly to that homework activity. They do not have to navigate to a course or topic to find the homework - the link is a 'one-click' access to the homework making it much easier for students to find their individual homeworks.

What parents see in Guardian View.

What parents see in Guardian View.

When parents log into their 'Guardian View' portal they will see a 'Homework' tab and the individual subjects below. Just like the students they have a 'one-click' access to each homework and do not have to rely on navigating both courses and topics to find the homework.

Also, they can only view the homework - they cannot complete it for their child. So, for example, if you set a quiz as part of your homework, the parent cannot complete the quiz, they can only view it.

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