Introduction and Student View

When a student logs into Moodle, their home page can contain a variety of different Moodle blocks including specific ZiLink blocks.

Depending upon configuration, the appearance will look something like this.

Those blocks specific to Moodle have been indicated but there could also be more. The ZiLink Super Block from which these blocks are derived also includes a block to display data from PaperCut the print management system, Timetable Week, Picture, etc.

  1. The timetable with live links where courses have been made available to students by teachers.
  2. The link to a timetable page if you use the block in this area. Remember, using the block in the central area subject to your theme will automatically expand the timetable otherwise it will initially appear as a link in a block. Click the link to open the timetable page.
  3. Icon Navigation - students and teachers can use Icon Navigation for navigating their courses. Also, if there are any new resources/activities for that subject that have been added since the last login by the student, then a number will appear attached to the subject icon to tell them how many new resources and activities have been added.
  4. Student View - click 'My Report' to see information about attainment, targets, attendance and homework that has been assigned, attempted or is overdue. Each homework listed can be clicked to provide one-click access directly to the resource/activity so that students do not have to navigate courses and topics to find the correct homework. The Homework section is being re-designed to have a better user interface and be more easily available rather than it being within the Student My Report.

My Report

My Report


  1. Brief student details.
  2. The most recent attainment and target information from the school MIS.
  3. A summary of attendance for the academic year.
  4. Homework list.


Click a homework in the 'All Activities' list to go directly to that resurce/activity.

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