Monitoring a ZiLink Homework Activity

Usually a ZiLink Homework Activity will contain moe than one resource/activity. Activities, including the Homework Activity can be set with Completion criteria. If you use these criteria for say, an assignment or a quiz, then ZiLink's Homework Activity will track the progress of your students as they complete different resources and activities within the Homework Activity.

How can progress be monitored?

There are two ways to do this:

  • Use the Homework Activity block (your Moodle Administrator will need to make this available to you).
  • Use the 'View Progress' tab when you open the Homework Activity.

The Homework Activity Block

The Homework Activity Block
  1. A filtered report of the homeworks set. You can filter reports by course category, cohort and teacher to see how many homeworks have been set and the 'drill-down' to the homeworks themselves.
  2. In this example there are two homeworks set and they are indicating that students have not yet progressed through the homeworks. As students progress the bar fills with a green colour.

'View Progress' tab

'View Progress' tab

In this example, you can see that one student has completed 50% of the homework resoures/activities that have been set within this Homework.

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