When teachers login to Moodle they have access to a number of ZiLink tools and features that will make their lives a little easier and enable them to help parents support their child's learning.

There is a great deal of research about parental engagement and the positive impact that parents can have in their child's learning even leading to higher attainment and better progress, all of which is good news for the success of the school.

My Home Page

My Home Page


Home pages in Moodle can be configured to contain any Moodle blocks so that the experience is tailored to the needs of your users and school. Our demo site only includes the basic Moodle blocks and those that are from ZiLink.

  1. Timetable - this will display the timetable from your school MIS. It displays a complete timetable and where the teacher has enabled their course to be available to students, the timetable will display a live link which can be used for navigation.
  2. Timetable - when the timetable block is displayed in this area of the Moodle page rather than in the centre it will automatically change to a normal Moodle block with links to a timetable page and/or the room booking systems built into ZiLink.
  3. Guardian Scheduler - any live schedules will be listed here and by clicking the link teachers can manage their appointments and list them.
  4. Report Writer - a process for creating reports that can be published to Guardian View for parents to see. This process is subject to an approval work-flow that includes subject leaders and senior team members.
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