Class View

Navigate to the Year 8 Religious Ed course and when you open the course you will see this page.


Class View is a very powerful feature that enables teachers to be informed about the attainment and progress of each student in their class and in each of their subjects. This information is always available and brought through from the school MIS together with other information from your Moodle.


Click 'View Class'.


Where data is available and published into Class View, teachers will see the most recent data from the school MIS. If the appropriate data is available, ZiLink will calculate if a student is on target, beyond their target or not yet reached their target and colour the cell appropriately.

You can also 'drill-down' into each individual data item.


Click '6A' for Alison Ainsworth under Religious Ed.


You'll now see a page displaying attainment, target data plus progress over time for Alison in that subject. You will also see listed data from the Moodle GRadebook for that subject.

Class View enables Tutors and Mentors to maintain a 'watching brief' over their students' progress.

For subject teachers, Class View ensures a more rounded view of their students and creates opportunities fro teachers to collaborate where students may find difficulties.

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